Savannah, Rio De Janerio

Savannah, Rio De Janerio


I was once a part of an exercise with a group of college friends. The task set before us was to take a list of 60 attributes and characteristics, and narrow that list to only 5 words. These 5 words were to represent our core values; the qualities in life that we most admire and that shape each of our actions. These are the 5 values I choose that inspire my everyday lifestyle and decision making.


I highly value the dedication that comes with following through on a commitment that has been made. This applies to the projects I work on, the relationships I invest in, and the everyday tasks I need to complete.  When I say I will finish a task, it will get done. When I apply myself in a situation, I am fully invested.


At a first glance, empathy may not seem like a quality to emphasize, but in my eyes, it is of the utmost importance. Being able to quickly asses situations and understand the thoughts and feelings of those in a room is a skill I highly value. Being sensitive in nature, I can sense the feelings of others and begin to truly get on the same page as those around me.


Investing in others while investing in your own future can be hard to balance, but one of the best ways I can serve others is through thoughtfulness. I deeply value this concept of letting the needs of others inspire my actions.


In everything I do, I accomplish it to the absolute best of my ability. The pursuit of excellence is one of the best ways I can reach my full potential in the skills I have. No matter how small a task, by doing it excellently, there is always something to be achieved.


I value looking for the good in any circumstance. Being thankful for my current situation creates a life lived to the fullest. There is always something to be grateful for.